Thursday, April 27, 2017

Jenn’s Latest Movie Review(s)

I don’t feel like writing today. I really don’t. Call it three parts pollen, one part I still need to finish reading that book this week, and two parts I probably ought to hold my tongue.

Non-controversial topics … the movies. My sis and I finally got to a couple we’d been wanting to see. We really need to start our own YouTube channel for movie reviews. The new Siskell and Ebert except far more attractive. Because you want to know what we think. You know you do.

Gifted I highly recommend.  Captain America, Papa/God from The Shack, a cute kid, and math. Captain America is raising his gifted niece. Antics ensue. Stupid people act stupid. Best line …

“Beware of small minded people with a little bit of power.”

Possible need for tissues. Go see it.

The Case for Christ. I liked this one, but I’m not as all-in on it as Gifted. This is the latest offering from Pure Flix and based on the book by Lee Strobel. I could not remember if I’d read the book, but my sister swears I passed it along to her, telling her she haaaaad to read it. Okay. That would have been several or maybe quite a few years ago. I do not recall.

I have mixed feelings on Pure Flix. I have enjoyed some of their films, but I feel they’re geared mostly toward believers. Which is fine. Let’s just be up front about that and admit that the “cheesy factor” is probably not going to convert anyone. Believers who need a little boost, a good reminder, a safe family film … all good. Maaaaaybe as a conversation starter … case in point, God’s Not Dead. “Hey that was kind of cheesy and not too in depth, but what does your faith mean to you? Why do you believe?”

I liked The Case for Christ up to the … well … I called it the gratuitous deus ex machina “I believe” scene. The investigative part of the movie – which was most of the movie – was pretty good. There was a noticeable lack of cheese. Well done. But I suppose in the interest of keeping the film at about two hours long, there just wasn’t enough time for a more believable (no pun intended) treatment of the emotional and spiritual goings-on inside Lee Strobel’s heart, mind, and soul. What takes someone from atheist to believer? Sunday School answer, everyone? Jeeeeesus. Yes, true. Just don’t drag your atheist or agnostic friend to this movie thinking, “This is gonna be it.” It might behoove you to continue the conversation … or skip the movie and hand them the book, followed by continuing the conversations … or pray for them, and continue the conversation …

You think the barriers are for secrecy, but apparently they’re just for your protection. And to hide my construction lifts. Hey, they have my initials on them.

Tacos and schtuff in the shape of a cross! Jesus wants me to eat these carbs.
For now ... my social calendar is full, so off I go ... first to the pub ... then to a church.

Keep looking up.

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