Thursday, May 4, 2017

Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies. Zombies everywhere.

I’ve always said in the event of a zombie apocalypse that I’m hiding behind my nephew. He read some book about zombie survival techniques, plus he is trained in the ways of tae kwon do and o-line.

Given the scale of these zombies I probably have nothing to worry about.

My three-year-old cousin overpowering zombies during the Sunday sermon.

Artist's zombie rendition. And a random limb.

Along the lines of zombies … lemmings. All humans have lemming tendencies at times. It’s true. Social media makes it super obvious. Everyone please remember to check your snopes. If we would all do this, we could be informed before we post things like asking for prayer for the US Darkhorse dealio, the toddler who nailed himself with a brad nailer, and Brad Comer’s cancer battle. Far be it from me ever to discourage anyone from praying – have at it, I’m highly in favor of prayer and practice it all the time – but, kids, all of these events occurred several years ago. Years. Brad Comer succumbed to his cancer in February 2011. It’s 2017.

Ooooh. What would zombie lemmings be like?

We interrupt our normally scheduled post for a game of …

Duck …

Duck …

Oh! Sorry, no goose. Just ducks. Well one duck I caught on camera.
Speaking of uncooperative wildlife and entities … the Sync lady! Whilst on shuffle, my aged iPod played me “Try” by Asher Book, from the movie musical “Fame”. Wanting to relive the experience a week or two later, I asked Sync lady to, “Play track Try.” She obstinately keeps playing “Thrive” by Switchfoot. Fine, “Play artist Asher Book.” She played Usher. Which is not a bad thing, except when you want to hear Asher Book. “Play album Fame” resulted in Michael W. Smith’s “The Stand”. Also not a bad thing,


Showtunes, people! And scrolling through to cue that baby up manually isn’t particularly safe while driving.


These rail cars are epic. Zoom in. You'll see.

As we continue to hurtle around the sun at whatever ridiculous speed, sometimes things get out of control. Sometimes the proverbial cliché door closes and an equally cliché window opens. Earlier this week I had a door close kind of curiously. A couple of possible reasons come to mind. Lesser mortals might be offended, but silver lining! There’s no major divine intervention here beyond the usual … and it’s not some life changing thing … let’s just call it a deux d’un coup that freed up some time and allowed me to do a Pontius Pilate washing of my hands for a bit. With a Mona Lisa smile. While I Sabbath a little.

Keep looking up.

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