Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dichotomies & Venn Diagrams

It’s been a mixed bag the last couple weeks with some people really getting what’s important (praise God!) … and others totally not having a clue.

Is it just me, or do you feel a Venn diagram coming on? I’ll get right on that … people who get it, people who don’t, people who take action, lollygaggers, haters …

I have to laugh at the haters. Which is probably cruel, judgmental, and totally not Christ-like. I should probably pray for them and my own attitude instead.

Sometimes you get so used to what’s going on in your own little acre of the universe that it’s easy to forget … a lot of people don’t have the faintest idea what’s going on in your world. You might just have to fill them in.

I volunteered at a big convention recently … whatever they needed, from checking wristbands, to holding duct tape for someone standing on a stool, to directing people to the correct area of the convention center. There were three conferences going on at the same time – ours, a well-known motivational speaker, and an adult film industry expo. Aaaaaaaahhhhh! Yes, you read that right.

Directing traffic to an adult expo … definitely on the list of things I never thought I’d do. But sometimes God surprises you with a task, and you just have to smile and say, “Yes, registration is down the hall to your left.” J

(There but for the grace of God and oh-by-the-way-really???? You know there’s a better way, right? You know you’re worth more than that, right? Sigh.)

So anyway.

God is providing, just like always. In his own time, definitely not mine, just like always. And he’s whispering to me again. Which means, of course, I’m actually laughing at – ok, hopefully with – the almighty and telling him he’s out of his mind. Well ok fine, go ahead, show me … 

Oh he is soooooo hilarious and pleased with himself this time, but then he’s God, he can do what he wants, that’s how he rolls.

For as much angst as has been going around, I’m actually pretty content with a lot of stuff right now. It’s good to know who you are & whose you are. So bring it on, haters and judgers. I have the telepathic connection to my prayer partners, the full armor of God, and an oversized serving of peace & joy.

Grinning like the Cheshire cat … JJJJJ

Saturday, March 16, 2013


I see depressed people.

And it’s kind of sort of messing with my Zen. Make it stop! Make it stop!


I had a conversation with someone recently – a young lady I mentor occasionally – in which I mentioned there seems to be a poverty mindset around here. I don’t know that we’re really geographically unique in that phenomenon, but it’s people with that kind of a mindset who have been discouraging her from getting out and seeing the world, making her own decisions, and just bettering herself in general.

Seriously … who died and made them king of anything???

Poverty. Depression. Negativity. They all like to keep people down. Misery loves company.

A lot of people are resistant to change and they want to justify their own inertia. The object-at-rest kind, that is.

I recommend being an object in motion.

A que sera sera attitude, a bury-your-head-in-the-sand approach, a let’s-pull-the-covers-over-our-heads-and-hope-everything-blows-over way of life … I see it way too often. Good grief, people are afraid even to dream any more. Too many people let things happen to them instead of going out and making things happen.

I wonder if some are just kind of biding their time until they see their reward in heaven. If you’re a believer … there will be pain and suffering in this world and all that … just gotta make it through. There’s a different way to look at that, though. If you really believe you’ve been granted eternal life … hello, you’re living it now. Act like it!!! J

Those who have the capability to be great and choose not to exercise it … never cease to amaze me. And frustrate me, too. I feel for those who genuinely need help. I’m all for helping them. But those who quit and quit and quit and quit …

I have failed at all kinds of things. But people seem to regard me as successful. I fail all the time. I just don’t quit.

Maybe it’s the German Irish heritage. Stubborn with a temper. (Either that or I’m supposed to like potatoes and beer. Potatoes, yes. Beer, not so much.)

Maybe it’s just by the grace of God and my past experiences that I don’t put up with a lot of, um, stuff from people. Negativity! That’s the word! I don’t put up with negativity. We all need to vent, me included, but at some point I like to say, “OK, well, I feel better. Onward.”

Being in the business of inspiring people to change, I often feel like an amateur psychologist. Psychologists, counselors, clergy … they’re subject to being brought down by the negative forces they encounter daily. Think about it … if you spent all day every day listening to negative, depressed people … well even the strongest among us needs a vacay from all that now and again.

The people who get that there’s a better way … the people who are ready for positive change … honestly, they inspire me back. I love it when God sends me some of those at just the right time.

His timing is perfect after all.

Monday, March 4, 2013

More Jesus

Hello, my long lost blog fans. It’s been a couple weeks plus of ADD-ness and maybe writer’s block on my part.

And my birthday. For those who missed it … March 1 … in like a lion, which is completely appropriate. J I prefer to celebrate for, you know, like a month, so it’s not too late to send flowers and presents.

I had a post on another subject started, but blah, blah, blah, blah, blah … I’m attempting to follow God’s leading like always, and here we are.

An early bday present to myself was the latest Sanctus Real & Chris August CDs. Yes, I still buy entire CDs from an actual store when I like the artist. Although the CD to iPod transfer with the latest iTunes interface is crazy awkward and annoying. No worries, I did figure it out, I’m not that old.

Btw is it possible for ADD to be contagious? Just wondering. And I feel the need to yell, “Squirrel!” Be the squirrel, Jenn, be the squirrel.

So, yeah, Chris August. And Sanctus Real, too. I’m giving it all two thumbs up. Just what I needed. Chris has this sexy, soulful vibe going for him, which some may feel is completely inappropriate to say about a Christian artist ... but there, I said it. Really, who needs appropriate anyway when you’re known as the Louise of Thelma & Louise.

My buddy Chris has this song I’ve been listening to repeatedly. Because I’m pretty sure I need the message ingrained into my heart, mind, and soul.  Here’s the chorus …

I could use a little more Jesus
And a little bit less of me
I could be a little more humble
If we're speaking honestly
The more I see this heart inside of me
The more that I believe
I could use a little more Jesus
And a little bit less of me

It reminds me of a story a preacher friend of mine once told about his now teenage (yikes, we’re old) son when he was a toddler. The family was on a road trip, driving down a route where there were electric lines running alongside the highway. The poles the lines were strung on looked like crosses to the young child. “Jesus,” he said as they passed every one. At first the parents were amazed at their wonderful, intelligent child. A mastery of both geometry and the bible … yes! But then it didn’t stop … Jesus … Jesus … Jesus … to the point where he was starting to get on his parents’ nerves a little. Eventually there were no more poles. While those in the front seat were thinking peace and quiet would finally set in … a sad and pathetic little voice came from the back seat … “More Jesus.”


I’d like some more Jesus, please.