Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Stormy Skies

With a few notable exceptions it’s been a dry, hot summer. I think we may have made up the rainfall deficit in the last week.

So many downpours. So much thunder.

Thunder punctuated the communion meditation Sunday. .A little “hey, listen to this dude” perhaps. It rumbled again during one of the baptisms.

No Sunday pool day.

Not sheltering from the storm. Just waiting for the “let’s pray”.

Fair warning … this week’s post will be about as scattered as the all electrons in the yard when lightning struck pretty much directly outside my window whatever day it was circa 4:30am.

Yeah, Jenn, but at least the rain washes pollen out of the air.

True. Have I mentioned I’m also allergic to mold? Kinda dying over here. My contacts so need to come out.


Sirens went off, but it was just the normal Wednesday noon test. I always thought the best time for a nuclear bomb attack would be Wednesday noon. Everyone would think it was just a test.

I was in a dining establishment the other day, trying to achieve some Zen over salad and a good book, really just wanting to mind my own business but of course having to field intrusive questions because attracting attention is my specialty … when a familiar song came on. It took me a few seconds … i.e. I couldn’t name that tune in one note … Hal Ketchum. Sure Love. Nineties country. Hey, I lived in the south at the time. It’s what you do.

I busted open a moving box of CDs tonight, looking for my Mitch McVicker’s The Grey. Sure enough, I found some Hal in there, too.

I would count the steps from here to heaven
Every heartache I was given
Tip my hat and walk through fire
To find sure love

I would chase old ghosts and watch them scatter
Drop old dreams and watch them shatter
Lose myself and all I own
To find sure love

Yes, I am listening to it now.

On a complete random side note, I’m on a roll of speaking great band names into existence this week. Thus far we have …

Morbid Pollyanna
Sarcastic Annie
Hot Pink Scrutiny

A few weeks ago I did run across the list of suggestions for what became known as Uncle Bo’s Band. That was a semi-last minute inspiration since we hadn’t really decided yet and it was go time. I’d publish the list of names, but, well … you’d judge me. And my friends. And Bo. Only a few of the suggestions were anything close to serious. I also currently can’t recall exactly where I tucked that piece of paper.

Stormy skies.

I can’t keep track of the changing skies. It’s beautiful and colorful and ominous and overwhelming and sometimes all of the above depending on which way you turn.

As much as the enemy continues to attack with distractions, he seems to be attacking the last few days with mass apathy. Over dinner a friend mentioned how right we all were about the attacks ramping up just about the time you start getting it together. Right after a mountaintop experience or even just an epiphany or a word from the holy spirit. Sometimes he wreaks havoc with a crisis, and sometimes it seems we’re all walking in our own private Twilight Zones.

Maybe we just have too much Olympics on the brain.

Maybe I’ll pop the contacts out, pop some Benadryl, and plop myself in front of the tv. And let God work on the message and strategery for now.

Tomorrow is another day after all.

Striped skies. 

Keep looking up.

For more Joy in the Journey see Sue Bowles at and Leisa Herren at

has anyone noticed?
i have fallen down
i’ve been here so long it’s
like my home, it’s like all I’ve ever known
i’ve heard you’re a refuge
so be my hiding place
till these mountains are moved
and these clouds are taken away

i know you’re flying high
but you’re still coming to save me
you dive inside of my life
you just rush in to rescue
my heart, it’s so scarred it’s hardly beating
you’re my hope beyond all I’m feeling
so break through my
stormy skies

has anyone noticed?
i have come up lame
with nothing to lean on
and nothing to say
just one thing I’ll pray
just one thing I’ll pray
just one thing I’ll pray

~ Mitch McVicker’s “Stormy Skies”

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