Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Joy in the Journey

“I’ve got dibs on the Fogelberg song.”

“There’s a song?”

“Oh wait, it’s Michael Card, not Fogelberg. I still have dibs.”

“Still don’t know it.”

As much as the word “journey” often makes me cringe from the clicheness, I still use it. We all have one. We’re all on one. And while “it’s not all about you”, finding the joy and joyousness along the way is essential to maintaining hope and sanity. 

Close enough to sanity.

Don’t stop believing. Just sayin’.

Satan has been creative in the distractions he throws my way lately. I’m on this little journey I expected to be a temporary annoyance. It’s one of those things I’ve put off for a while but really need to take care of. I can handle anything for a couple weeks, right? We’re in week four of waaaayyyy too many hours a day of my hands being tied. Almost literally, coincidentally.

“It’s like a full time job, isn’t it,” my partner in this crime – I mean journey – said yesterday.

I’m not sure how many more weeks this is going to last.

I’m not sure it’s helping.

I think it’s trying to teach me patience and empathy, so there’s that.

I’m trying not to miss the joy.

Although today I’m one more question-from-a-stranger away from losing it. Follow-up-questions-and-comments-from-a-stranger might completely put me over the edge.

I’m trying not to miss the joy.

Joyous pictures in the sky over the parking lot.

I get to journey into the city and explore different haunts than usual at least. I like the road. I like exploring.

This dude needs some joy.

I rarely understand God’s plan and timing. Occasionally in retrospect it’s all crystal clear. Occasionally in the moment it’s crystal clear I’m supposed to be there. In rare moments the glimpse I see of the path ahead turns out to be how it actually all goes down.

I try to stay tuned in … but those distractions. Yeah. Hmmm.

Good distraction or bad distraction …

Finding beauty in chaos … taking notice of what God has thrown in front of you … that’s all good.

Some would say these weeds need whacked. Whatever.

Getting bogged down by tedium … I’m not sure. It could be God holding me back until the appointed time … or trying to point me elsewhere. Or could be just a @#%!$*+ distraction from Hades.

Go this way. Oh wait, you can’t yet, go this other way. Oh wait, go this other way, except your hands are tied. Good luck with that. What’s left now? You could do this … surprise, it’s going to take all day.

I. Need. To. Accomplish. Something.

Maybe want not need.


When the universe is not cooperating, I suppose you just look to the God of the universe for help on that one.

I am super excited about some plans that are coming together. I have no idea what I’m doing. Thereby further contributing to me being on edge. The answers will come. The help will come. The journey thus far has been a little weird. Not sure why I would expect the rest to be any different.

I’ll just keep seeking joy in the journey. Preferably more often than not.

Finding some joy with Matt Damon / Jason Bourne. True confessions time … action movies sometimes give me motion sickness. Had to avert my eyes during the final chase scene.

Keep looking up.

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I’ve been burying a mountain
I’ve been running uphill
I’ve been pushing up a big wave
That I’m carrying still
I can see over the mountain
And I know that it’s real
There’s a river made of roses
Just up over this hill

~ NEEDTOBREATHE’s “Mountain, Pt. 1”

But what about Pt. 2? Where is Pt. 2???

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