Thursday, March 30, 2017

Heresies, Perceptions, and The Shack

I went to see The Shack today. It was good. Go see it if it’s still in your local theater.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear a recommendation for the movie from the pulpit a couple weeks ago. Almost an aside before the sermon. Followed by, “If you have theological questions, see [two other members of the ministry staff],” which brought a chuckle from the congregation.

I wasn’t aware of the book until the movie trailer started showing up in recent months. So I read it. I liked it very much. Was it life changing for me as some have described its role in their lives? No, but I liked it and I recommend it.

The controversy surrounding the book and movie was so fifteen minutes ago, but you may recall seeing on your social media articles like Umpteen Heresies in The Shack or Everyone Who Buys a Ticket to The Shack is Going Straight to Hell. Thank you, Pharisees. I don’t recall Narnia being quite like that which is described in scripture, nor is the Holy Trinity exactly like that which is depicted in The Shack. But close enough to make both stories lovely works of art. Lovely works of art that make one think and perhaps make one think about their faith.

(I don't recall God's Not Dead being all that close to how real life goes down, but oops I digress ...)

The biggest takeaway from The Shack is that maybe you should step away from your preconceived notions and consider whether your perception of God is accurate. Perhaps in your pain you’ve lost sight of him. Perhaps in today’s must do instead of must be world you’ve gotten caught up in your spiritual checklist. Perhaps you’ve been offended by someone caught up in their spiritual checklist.

Bitchin’ Camaro. Also a great work of art. Bonus points if you’re familiar.

This work of art was priced at $30 at Hobby Lobby. $30 for a few streaks of paint. I need to get my corner-of-a-room studio set up & get busy.

Love the sentiment. Don’t care much for the aesthetic.

Perception is a funny thing. I was sharing today my perception of someone’s perception of a thing … and I received a very supportive, “I have no words.”

K. Just checking.


Perhaps we’ve all just gone stark raving mad.

Perception of personal space in middle America, as I have discussed here previously, appears to be shifting. I have more empirical evidence! Whilst in line at Walmart the other day, this lady behind me was so close she was practically hugging me. She appeared to be normal. Dressed up even by Wally World standards. Maybe she was in line for her antipsychotic medication, though. I have no idea.

And not all that long ago I was sitting at a table in Starbucks. Reading or computing, I don’t recall which, but minding my own business … when … well … just look … I could have reached out and squeezed the Charmin.

A creeper pic was required. I didn’t get a creeper pic of the Walmart lady, but I did tweet about it without her noticing. Maybe I should have made sure she noticed … hmmm …

I perceive that it’s pouring out there.

My perception of a deep theological discussion. Just kidding, a misfire on the camera.

What was that I was saying about Lamentations? I perceive therefore this is the correct card to choose.

Current perception. Pea sized (plus) hail at the Heath Panera. Yikes. Pray for everyone’s cars.

Keep looking up.


  1. So if I happen to run you down, please don't leave a scratch. Hugs!