Wednesday, May 25, 2016


When you ask, last minute, if anyone has any ideas for a blog theme this week “or should we just write about whatever” … “Whatever” becomes the theme.


I usually take a scatterbrained, stream of consciousness approach anyway, so this’ll be great.

I was in the coffee shop this afternoon, attempting to reach adequate caffeination for achieving coherent thought, and alternating between work-work and writing work … when a childhood friend recently back in town walked in.

A long overdue catchup was far more important than any work at that moment. So we closed the place down (it’s the one not open particularly late) while sending off a couple emails & texts but mostly just catching up.

Speaking of catching up … for my regular readers who are aware my house went on the market one week ago today … it’s in contract already. Praise Jesus. My Cinderella-esque scrubbing of the floors was not for naught. The Old Englishing by multiple parties was worth it. A few weeks ‘til closing and then onward …

I may have celebrated with Starbucks iced green tea and a mani/pedi the other day.


I totally have Princess Ariel toes. No, not webbed and mermaid-like. Aqua with glitter.

Sometimes life goes according to plan, and mostly it does not. It just doesn’t. Sunday’s sermon was on the subject of Gideon and “How God Turns Nobodies into Somebodies”. The story is all the way back in the Old Testament in Judges 6 and 7. Joshua Judges Ruth. Just like the Lyle Lovett album. What an odd little story, that of Gideon. Are any of us that obedient to God’s will? Oh hey dude who is hiding out threshing wheat in secret so as not to be caught by the enemy who has laid waste to the land and everything … go rip down the Asherah pole and then gather an army and then weed ‘em out to a ridiculously miniscule number by some bizarre means and then defeat the enemy’s giant army pretty much just by making a lot of noise.

But God.

Gideon and his Israelite peeps certainly didn’t have plans anything like how it actually went down.

Also none of the Latin translations I’m seeing on the interwebs for “laid waste” sound familiar. We used to talk about laying waste all the time in Latin class. And yeah. The memory is the first thing to go.

Speaking of Latin.

You may or may not be aware of the Catholic tradition of burying a St. Joseph’s statue upside down in the front yard or a flower pot to ensure a quick sale of one’s house. Not being Catholic, I’m only semi-familiar with the practice. It’s supposed to be representative of and accompanied by asking for intercessory prayer from the patron saint of homes. The previous owners of my house dug one up from a flower pot on the front porch on closing day as I dropped off a few things and they finished packing up.

Again not being Catholic, I didn’t intend to do anything of the sort. During staging, however, this did wind up backwards on a bed pillow. Granville Latin Club members from the past, um, few decades (ack!), may recognize this symbol.

The Cult of the Evil Black Sheep. 

Just to keep things fun, Magistra Collis sometimes had us translate sentences about evil black sheep jumping off the roof.

And you wonder why we are the way we are.

But my house was on the market less than a week. Just sayin’. 

Prayers for a smooth closing process and happy campers all around are much appreciated. To God, not sheep or Asherah poles of course.

A few random pics of whatever …

Weeds and whatever.

Somewhat reminiscent of Wizard of Oz trees.  

You call them weeds, I call them pretty spring color. 

How MacGyver prepares to mow the ditch. Seriously, if you know where to find zip-up galoshes like this, give me a shout.
Free to a good home. Otherwise being passed down to the next owners. It's art. 

Keep looking up.

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