Thursday, May 30, 2013

Truth, Truth, and More Truth

Oh pardon me while I dive head first into a big ol’ pool of biblical truth over here. Just what the doctor ordered.

I’ve said it before, I will continue to say it … God’s timing is perfect.

I inadvertently got involved in a conversation yesterday on this exact subject – biblical truth.

Biblical truth doesn’t change!!!

Things the bible says are wrong … are always wrong and always will be wrong. Things the bible says are right … are always right and always will be right. We may change, society may change, and the devil’s lies and tactics may seem to change, but God’s truth is God’s truth.

Indeed there are some issues the bible doesn’t address directly. But there are plenty of non-negotiables in there.

Oh but, Jenn, you’re being judgmental and intolerant!!!

Really??? I may be guilty of overuse of the trinity of punctuation marks today, but am I judging when the bible specifically calls out something as wrong? (??)

This is all assuming you approach life from a Christian point of view and believe the bible is the inspired word of God. Those wanting to get into an apologetics discussion, that’s really for another forum.

So if I respectfully point out – when asked or when given an appropriate opportunity – that xyz behavior clearly isn’t right and I don’t have to participate in it and I don’t have to approve of it and I don’t have to give you three cheers for your choice … I’m not judging. Just using the brain and the bible God gave me. Look, God said it. I didn’t invent it on my own.

And yes, up to a point, I am my brother’s keeper. So deal with it.

During weaker times I have been deceived on a number of issues. Who knows, there’s probably something I’m ignoring right now. I still get dangerously close to falling for the lies on a regular basis. For the most part, though, by the grace of God, I’m over here telling Satan, “Yeah, God did say that. Now get thee way, way, way behind me.”

So. Do you think I’m calling out you and your particular cause specifically yet? Probably not, actually. But God is welcome to use my words however he likes. Perhaps he also can educate me on whether the use of both “particular” and “specifically” in the same sentence qualifies as redundant.

Alright, everyone, get out your bibles and getcha some truth.

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