Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Secret

Things have been all quiet on the western front for the last week. Good grief.

Well I don’t know if quiet is exactly the right word. Satan has been stirring up a big ol’ batch of distraction. And cake. OMGosh have you noticed how we have to have cake or cupcakes or both for every single solitary occasion?!? It’s Tuesday, let’s celebrate with cake.

Hey! I’m on a 90-day challenge over here and attempting to take care of the temple.

It would take something like a thousand jumping jacks just to burn off that mini cupcake with the inch-thick frosting piled on top. Okay, maybe only nine hundred.

We now return to our regularly scheduled program.

Oh! Distraction number two. Or 3,547, who knows. Unbelievable amounts of pollen. Crazy, huge, ginormous amounts of pollen. I’ve had to resort to bedtime Benadryl more than I care to admit this spring. I’ve been really close to booking that trip to the beach, where my ability to breathe is generally better. Soon all this too shall pass.

And please no deluge of well-meaning suggestions on what to do for allergies. Trust me, I’m a pro, a special case, and this is just one of a few thorns in my side with which I get to deal. No biggie.

So. When last we met, we were keeping the faith and praying about schtuff …

And we’re still praying about schtuff …

Maybe I need to get out of the Benadryl fog and just get to the beach anyway. Hmmm.

Have you ever taken the time to step back and look at people? And marvel at how wrapped up they are in their busyness … and priorities that don’t flange up with your own? I am one hundred percent sure I am judging here, but wow, people … you say one thing and then totally do another.

And act like it’s all okay.

Quitters and Debbie Downers and those who like to complain but take no action to change things … you’re on my nerves. And you need to get off of my cloud. If you want real change in your life – health, financial, spiritual, whatever – I am at your service to help coach you through. Wanna know my secret? I’m not even the originator of this one, but here it is …

Never quit.

Want to be physically healthy? Adopt a healthy lifestyle and never quit.

Want to be financially healthy? Follow some simple advice and never quit.

Want to be spiritually healthy? Consult your bible and never quit. Even God said pray without ceasing.

But what about when I’m feeling depressed?

Never quit.

But what about when I’m confronted with chocolate cake?

Never quit.

But what about when, when, when (insert excuse #9,342 here)

Neeeeeeever quit. You don’t have to be perfect. Just never quit. Period.

Peace and love to all y’all. J

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