Thursday, June 6, 2013

What I Want

I may be channeling Daughtry, although I’m listening to Switchfoot as I write.

The malaise and apathy are darn near audible this week. 

Shhhhh … listen …

That’s the sound of people wasting time on things that aren’t important. If it doesn’t help people … or make you a better person … or ultimately somehow fulfill a purpose ordained by God … is it worth spending your time on? Rest & relaxation … yes, important. Building relationships … yes, important. It’s not all about grueling manual or mental labor.

But I see some of you spending an excessive amount of time with your technology or with your French fries or spewing negativity or being paralyzed by depression. Oy vey. Stop it, will ya? Set a goal once in a blue moon and go after it.

Honestly how many hours of video games and tv do you need? All good things in moderation, my friend. We all like a game, a show, a French fry now and then.

We were not put on this earth to live ordinary lives. If you think we were, perhaps we need to have a theological discussion and parse the word “ordinary”. Note I did not mention fame or wealth …

I’d say living according to God’s will would be fairly extraordinary.

So here’s my wish list this week. What I want …

  • For people to stop being so depressed!!!
  • For people to stop refusing to acknowledge mathematical facts because they’re scared of math. Or because they’re too gloriously busy to spend one minute focusing.
  • For people to realize that passive-aggressive is still aggressive.
  • For people to stop and breathe long enough to recognize the working of God in their daily lives.
  • For people to stop quitting good things & to start quitting bad things. And to stick to it. You know, not quitting. Or not quitting quitting. Okay, my head hurts now.
  • World peace.

That pretty much does it for now. What I want. But not what I need … that would be … Jesus. Just Jesus.

Peace, my friends.

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