Thursday, June 1, 2017


The word “kerfuffle” has been in the news and on my brain.

Go ahead. Say it five times fast.


It’s a good word.

So is shrubbery, at which I am staring, hoping perhaps for some inspiration.

There are daily kerfuffles reported in the media and happening on the social media. Now the broadcast media reports on the social media. Oy vey. Do you ever chuckle at a reporter telling us what someone posted or tweeted? This is news now? How much our world has changed in the last ten or twenty years.

Let us all chuckle at the kerfuffles on the six o’clock news.

Another tongue twister for you to utter five times fast.


Do you have friends on your feed who seem to have a kerfuffle obsession? Many have observed with a shaking of the head and a face palm the current state of social media interaction, particularly as it relates to, but not limited to political discussions. Some display their obsession with likes and shares, and some jump right in with comments that often are as combative as those they seek to, I don’t know, debunk? Beat into submission? Occasionally a healthy debate breaks out, but it seems to be the exception rather than the norm.

You catch more flies with honey.

Sept d’un coup.

Along those same lines, it’s been said “consider the source” and “choose your battles wisely”. A recent kerfuffle in the social media had me shaking my head yet again. Often we have different perceptions of situations … and what ought to be done or said … and whether we are the ones who should do or say things. Our personalities, our relationships, the experiences we have, and the information we’re operating with can inform whether we jump in at all. Whilst I was privately trying to ascertain more information, this particular kerfuffle started to get a little disrespectful in the public arena. My experience on this one told me first not to have a cow – everything is probably not as it seems – and second not to touch the discussion with a ten foot pole.

I felt a slight passing sense of vindication when I was proven right before too long.


Sometimes the words don’t mean what you think they mean.

Hasenpfeffer incorporated.

Perspective, man.

I don’t know, do you think she’s secretly flipping the bird with her right hand? Perspective. She doesn’t look happy, but without all the facts, how do we know for sure?

Murphy once said junk will accumulate to fill the available space. This is perhaps an accurate description of our SoMe feeds these days. I did start using a plugin for Chrome that curates my Facebook feed in truly beautiful ways. No more so-and-so liked or commented on this thing you could not care about less. Always in most recent order. I’m still evaluating, but so far so good. The sad part is there is no such thing for the phone app. But overall it is doing great things for my sanity and my blood pressure.

How much time are we all wasting on useless kerfuffles? Are there kerfuffles that are useful? Why are we not discussing faith, hope, love, truth, and beauty? Why are we calling out those we think oppose us, more or less calling them the devil incarnate, instead of praying for the discernment and wisdom to recognize what he’s really doing?

Why am I not currently on a beach somewhere in the coffee belt???

Perplexing times and perplexing questions.

Kerfuffle schmerfuffle.

Keep looking up.

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