Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Soundtrack in My Head

Soooo ... I haven't been feeling the greatest the last few days. Nothing really specific or unusual for me, just a little raspy & tired. I thought a good workout might make me feel better.

I got on the treadmill Monday morning – following a Go shot & a couple hits off the inhaler – and honestly my lungs hurt after the first two-minute running interval. In an ouch-wow-my-lungs-actually-ache kind of way, lol. And maybe in a dang-it-I-refuse-to-succumb-to-the-traditional-February-bronchitis kind of way. (Yes, I realize it’s still January. Things need to brew in there for a while.) I kept going.

And just before I started the last interval ... this song popped up on Pandora.

It's kind of a theme song for me & some of my friends. It makes me smile. This time it was a little message from God saying, “Hey, you’ve got this.” I finished. Followed by the yoga ball workout that nearly killed me last week. OK, the workout itself didn’t kill me, but I was really, really sore the next day.

I'm still breathing.

I like it when God speaks through my iPod. Or iPhone in this case.

The daily devotional I started using has been talking a lot about letting God guide your day. And not stressing so much when your own plan gets changed. I’ve come a long way on that one. I go with the flow a lot better than I used to. But I can always use reminders and practice.

With my professional background I’m all about making a plan and executing the plan and moving on to the next plan.

So I may be biased, but I do highly recommend having a plan. You can’t just wait for the landscaping to erupt into flames and start speaking before you decide what to do for the day, week, etc. Sitting in a lotus position until you hear a Charleton Heston voice … that’s not necessarily what the big guy is intending.

Sure we all need time for meditation and prayer … and then listen to the soundtrack God is putting in your head … and then act. Sometimes that soundtrack is really, really quiet. Sometimes you need to seek it out. Sometimes you need to tune out everything that’s trying to drown it out.

And there are those times when I go for a long walk, keep asking “what should I do about x?” … and it’s almost like he’s cutting me off every time and yelling the answer at me. It’s amusing, actually. And anyone listening to the soundtrack in my head on those days might think I’m a raving lunatic.

Crazy like a fox, baby.

So what’s on the soundtrack in your head today? 

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