Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Project Ten

OK let’s talk transformation. And being a work in progress.

I’m getting ready to post a video of me getting on the scale. Online. Publicly.

I am an open book and share a lot of my personal and health journey with all you lovely people, but the number on the scale has always been a closely guarded secret between me and my doctor.

Let’s be honest … for women this is a HUGE deal.

I’m fine sharing what size I’m wearing. Sizes vary so widely from store to store and brand to brand, and I’m actually pretty happy with the number. Not satisfied or done yet, but happy. (Hello, six.) But my pounds number … well, it’s not quite so small. And granted, I’m tall, but still. Still!

Why would I put myself though this psychological mini-trauma? For accountability. For transparency. Because it’s what everyone I work with is doing. To be a leader and an example. To be real.

Oh yeah, and there’s a contest going on. There’s a drawing for a nice chunk of cash for all who lose ten pounds. Or for the skinny among us, all who add ten pounds of muscle.

I shot the video a couple weeks ago and was giving myself a pep talk about posting it online. And figuring out how private I could keep it while still entering the drawing. Now here I am sharing it with the world, lol. (A little more than what’s required for the contest btw.) That pep talk lasted for several days.

And then … then … while still having that conversation with myself … my skinny runner friends started posting their videos. At a weight less than what I weighed when I was on the track team in middle school. Hmphf! One of my friends may have experienced an uncharacteristically (for me anyway) typical female rant on the subject. Honestly I don’t dwell on the number on the scale, and I don’t compare my number to others because everyone is so, so different. I guess it’s just funny to see how very different we all are.

I’m fine now. And did I mention I’m tall? J

So. Tomorrow it’s going up. I may be certifiable. Or I may just not care what anyone thinks anymore. Stay tuned.

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