Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Just Be

 I try regularly and deliberately to take time to just be. It’s funny – have you ever experienced this – people don’t want to let you! Taking time for rest and reflection is a foreign concept to a surprisingly high percentage of the population.

I closed on the sale of my house, and in less than forty-eight hours multiple people said to me, “So you’re going to ______ now?”

What? Geez Louise. Let me rest. Let me catch my breath.

The questions continued throughout the week.

The plan is, and has been for some time, to rest, reflect, pray, recover, read, rest, and, um, rest. Maybe take a trip, although that vacation might get wrapped into the fall retreat season. Whatever makes sense.

Breathing and doing what feeds my soul are at the top of the agenda.

Also paying more attention to the two jobs I already have.

I sometimes forget how foreign a concept self-employment, entrepreneurship, and not punching a time clock are to most. I’m either never working or always working, depending on your perspective. (Hint, it’s usually closer to the latter.)

A friend who occasionally chimes in with words I swear are straight from the Holy Spirit told me a while back he sensed a period of respite coming up for me. Preach it, brother. Respite is now.

Anyone who would like to put me in a box and tell me otherwise …

Come at me bro.


I don’t want to be mean or obnoxious to anyone. Usually the questions come from well-meaning, wonderful people. Sometimes those questions are based on a past conversation and life has changed since. Sometimes they’re based on the social media version of my life. Sometimes they’re based on assumptions drawn from an edited version of what I really think … either because it wasn’t appropriate to share what I really think … or it was just none of their danged business.


Channeling my inner Audrey Hepburn (Roman Holiday style) … thank you … thank you … thank you …

Mando dude concurs.

It’s not like I’m sitting still 24/7. There are still some must-dos. Getting rid of all of those is impossible.

Case in point, there’s a little construction project going on in my neighborhood tomorrow. And I must figure out my plan.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Pretty sure it's not a train. 

Access in and out of the back half of the subdivision will be cut off for most of the day. The township has done a good job of communicating the info and expected schedule. Well, the ending time is officially, and I quote, “?” … but I’m told they don’t think it will be all day.

I have to leave for an appointment potentially prior to “?” … so most likely I’ll be parking the car at the top of the hill and hiking out over the creek. In what is predicted to be ninety-umpteen degree heat. Hello neighbor with the foot bridge, I’ll be cutting through your yard. Love you all.

I could make sure I’m gone early early before construction starts. That is an alternative.

It will probably all be fine, but having managed many a construction project … never assume you know what hour “?” means.

Never assume.

Rest for me does not necessarily involve sitting still. Exercise. Getting the blood circulating. Just saying no to stagnation. Accomplishing a few things that have been put off too long. Finding joy. That’s rest.

Revenue generating activities (RGAs) are a thing. I’m declaring SFAs a thing as well.

Soul feeding activities.

Too big a serving of must-dos on my plate distracts me from discerning God’s will and following the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Just because I can do anything doesn’t mean I should.

Mayhem says go this way! Now!

Between the world’s expectations and the big guy’s expectations, I think you know which one I care about more. 

Gratuitous puppy pic. 
Keep looking up. 

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  1. lovely! I thought this summer would be a time of rest... um... sort of??? the more you try to take time to be you... the more the world knocks at your door! Good for you for getting past it and finding your 'you' space!

    1. Well said, MK! Life seems to get in the way of life too often, but the self care thing is so important.