Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Beach

Today’s blog entry is brought to you by an eclectic mix including Third Day, Glory Revealed, Michael Buble, Jars of Clay, and … .drumroll … Jonas Brothers. You never know what will happen when the iPod is on shuffle.

I’m also sipping on Earl Grey tea with honey. Good for the soul, good for the scratchy throat. I’ve been popping the Vimmunity and praying to fight off this latest round of sinus ickiness.  Anyone who saw me playing piano at church on Sunday may have noted I was not singing along.  You’re welcome. I’m not usually mic’d but the piano is. So it’s close enough.

Btw the iPod has now moved on to John Berry’s rendition of “O Holy Night”. Yes, it’s July. No, I don’t care. Best version of that song ever.

Last week we were talking about checking a few things off the goals list.

Spend at least one day at the beach – done.

Post-conference last week we had scheduled the Monday flight back home for late in the day. After exploring options, our party of six cabbed it to the Orlando airport, rented a Crown Vic, and headed for Ron Jon’s in Cocoa Beach.

That sounds fairly simple, but I addressed a lot of “but what if” questions along the way.


I felt like I was channeling my friend, Christen, whose signature phrase is, “It’ll be fine.”  Trust me, I’ve done this before. Do not underestimate my ability to find sand and become one with it.

God always speaks to me at the beach. And indeed he did. I felt like I never really managed to get still and quiet this time, though. Too much going on. Ugh.

Solution – I will have to go back soon.

God speaks to me all the time, not just at the beach. I just need to get quiet enough to “hear it” / figure it out. I don’t share specifics with many people because so many just don’t understand. I am probably the only one who can truly understand my calling. And that’s fine. It’s just a little disheartening when people inadvertently … or in a well-meaning but misguided effort … try to rain on my parade.

I’ve got my umbrella and galoshes ready, thank you very much.

I received a specific answer to prayer while in Florida. Most people would consider it small. Or nothing. Maybe even coincidental. But to me it was huge. And positive. And smile-worthy.

I don’t know, isn’t anything God does huge and monumental in the greater scheme of the universe? I mean, it’s God!!! The almighty. The omnipotent. The big guy.

So when we recognize that God has taken care of something we are completely incapable of, let’s give credit where credit is due. And be happy about it.

Think about that. I’ll be over here on my beach towel with my SPF50.


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