Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ostrich Syndrome

You know, sticking your head in the sand. Like an ostrich.

I think we all do this to an extent. Ignoring a problem or a situation or really just having a complete lack of inertia. (The object in motion kind. J)

As a compulsive planner, perfectionist, and experienced project manager my nature is to want to have control of everything. To leave no stone unturned. To have a contingency plan for all situations. To know what’s going on in every corner of my empire.

And I hate surprises!!!

So when I catch myself kind of ignoring something or inclined to wait, I sometimes have a mini panic attack.

As well documented on the pages of this blog, patience is a virtue I aspire to have someday. Impatience does come in handy in my previous line of work, but maybe it’s better expressed as a sense of urgency.

On the other hand, it’s impossible to do everything. Something has to give. Prioritization must take place. I had a great leader one time who maintained an official “don’t do” list to make sure the entire organization knew what projects not to spend their time on.

So when I’m having that attack over what’s not done … I try to breathe and step back and figure out if the task at hand should be on my “don’t do” list.

I’m still sure I’m ignoring something important.

With my mind going a bajillion miles an hour in a bajillion different directions, some things just need to ruminate there in the back for a while. Until the inevitable eureka moment. So am I pretending to be an ostrich? Procrastinating? Or am I just thinking things through.


This is probably the pot calling the kettle black, but I do see people ignoring the obvious and refusing to face reality A LOT. With health. With finances. With relationships. With God’s plan for their life. Some situations are black and white. Some are seriously gray. There’s not an easy or obvious answer for everything, but – good grief – dealing with it would be an awesome idea … have that conversation, explore some options, take one small positive action, ask for help, pray …

I often pray about when to act and when to wait on some of the crazy ideas that pop into my head. Well not all of them are crazy. Sometimes God / the Holy Spirit tells you to move, so you just move. The more in tune with God that I am, the less I have my head in the sand and the more I’m just waiting or acting on his timing.

I think I may still be detoxing a little from my previous busy corporate life, but I’m learning to feel less guilty about taking time to read, pray, think, and just be. And let God do his thing.

Ha! Time to think was something I always craved. I found it ironic that as one who allegedly was paid to think and solve problems … and told to be innovative … I really never had much time to think.

So here’s to keeping our heads out of the sand, walking in step with God, not dismissing his leading, and taking some action.

Be blessed, my friends. J

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