Monday, March 4, 2013

More Jesus

Hello, my long lost blog fans. It’s been a couple weeks plus of ADD-ness and maybe writer’s block on my part.

And my birthday. For those who missed it … March 1 … in like a lion, which is completely appropriate. J I prefer to celebrate for, you know, like a month, so it’s not too late to send flowers and presents.

I had a post on another subject started, but blah, blah, blah, blah, blah … I’m attempting to follow God’s leading like always, and here we are.

An early bday present to myself was the latest Sanctus Real & Chris August CDs. Yes, I still buy entire CDs from an actual store when I like the artist. Although the CD to iPod transfer with the latest iTunes interface is crazy awkward and annoying. No worries, I did figure it out, I’m not that old.

Btw is it possible for ADD to be contagious? Just wondering. And I feel the need to yell, “Squirrel!” Be the squirrel, Jenn, be the squirrel.

So, yeah, Chris August. And Sanctus Real, too. I’m giving it all two thumbs up. Just what I needed. Chris has this sexy, soulful vibe going for him, which some may feel is completely inappropriate to say about a Christian artist ... but there, I said it. Really, who needs appropriate anyway when you’re known as the Louise of Thelma & Louise.

My buddy Chris has this song I’ve been listening to repeatedly. Because I’m pretty sure I need the message ingrained into my heart, mind, and soul.  Here’s the chorus …

I could use a little more Jesus
And a little bit less of me
I could be a little more humble
If we're speaking honestly
The more I see this heart inside of me
The more that I believe
I could use a little more Jesus
And a little bit less of me

It reminds me of a story a preacher friend of mine once told about his now teenage (yikes, we’re old) son when he was a toddler. The family was on a road trip, driving down a route where there were electric lines running alongside the highway. The poles the lines were strung on looked like crosses to the young child. “Jesus,” he said as they passed every one. At first the parents were amazed at their wonderful, intelligent child. A mastery of both geometry and the bible … yes! But then it didn’t stop … Jesus … Jesus … Jesus … to the point where he was starting to get on his parents’ nerves a little. Eventually there were no more poles. While those in the front seat were thinking peace and quiet would finally set in … a sad and pathetic little voice came from the back seat … “More Jesus.”


I’d like some more Jesus, please.

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