Sunday, December 9, 2012


Ahhhh … peace.

Ms. Genius over here finally sought out a second opinion on the subject of these little whisperings from God that have been going on – the latest episode anyway – for a couple of weeks.  I usually feel like I’ve lost my mind on these things.  I worry that I’ve invented thoughts in my own head and am speaking and dictating more than I’m listening. 

How many times do we get a song stuck in our heads and go all OCD with it.  Does it mean something, or does it not mean something?  Does it just have a good beat & we can dance to it?

But not this time. 

I was right on the money.  Nothing uber dramatic.  Well, completely & totally God-inspired, but yeah.  It was just a general “oh oh we need each other” (thank you, Matt Hammitt) kind of thing.  Which is kind of what I thought, but I was too busy telling God he was either wrong or a comedian to do anything about it.

And all is right with the world. 

Oh yeah, I may have soapboxed a few things along the way.  Hey, I have opinions.

With my conservative religious upbringing, burning bushes are purely an Old Testament thing. We don’t really expect God to talk to us via flaming hedges these days.  Btw, I have promised to make a phone call immediately should the landscaping burst into flames and start speaking.   I wonder if tweeting the pope would suffice …

And speaking of flames, my klutziness continues.  I burned my hand on the oven. Second degree.  Kind of glad I wasn’t scheduled to play this week.  Ugh.  I might need someone to pack me in bubble wrap.  This is getting kind of ridiculous. 

Words and nudges from God.  I’m starting to get better at heeding them sooner rather than later.  I have a long way to go.  Don’t we all.  Having that second opinion helps.  As does a go-to second opinion provider who, to date and to my face anyway, has not called me insane.

I also have to think back and wonder how many times I haven’t recognized God’s leading or chose not to believe it, and what could have been if I had done something different.  Not regret, just a “how many times do I have to see that he fixes everything before I shorten that discernment process and act” kind of observation.

He fixes everything.  Not necessarily how we expect, but he fixes everything.  Always.

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